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Princeton Adult School has always been a place where students have joined together to explore, discuss and learn about a wide range of topics and interests. With the continued health concerns for the community, staff and instructors have worked hard to transition our courses to an ONLINE-platform so we can continue to offer high-quality, affordable adult education classes in a virtual setting.

Being able to continue classes online means you will be able to come together with friends and family and stay connected with others not just in our community, but around the world. Tell your co-workers in another state, or the college roommate you haven’t seen in months or years about your favorite class and REGISTER TOGETHER. The student’s location is no longer a factor. So, please DO NOT KEEP US A SECRET! 

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Fall 2020 Catalog

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Find your class by navigating our new map. Remember to always check the code next to your class title in the catalog to indicate your class location, ie., PHS, JW. We will be at the entryways every night of class to help you find your classroom See you soon!

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